Never Walk Home Alone

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A safety device just a tap away

Companion lets you reach out to family, friends, or your public safety department to have them keep an eye on you as you travel late at night


It just works

enter your destination

Plug in your destination and select your mode of transportation.

enter your destination

Add friends or family to be your Companion. They don't even need the app installed to watch your back!

enter your destination

Reach out to your Companions or your local police department with just a tap.

enter your destination

If you set off a Smart Trigger, we’ll check in to make sure you’re safe. If you don't respond, we'll alert your Companions.

“This app is amazing!”

— Samantha (Arlington, VA)

“The is THE most awesome app in the App Store. Keep up the good work, you and your entire team are doing something so important. ”

— Zoe (Los Angeles, CA)

“Thanks for keeping me safe :)”

— Audrey (Bartlesville, OK)

“I'm so excited to have this app! I can't believe somebody hasn't come out with this sooner, it's amazing! 😘”

— Rebecca (Aurora, CO)

“Me and some friends decided to use Companion because we often walk home alone on campus and it’s a good way to keep tabs on each other. Thank you for everything you do!”

— Meghan (Austin, TX)

“Thank you for making life safer :)”

— Rezki (Telford, PA)

“I loved the app! I used it with my boyfriend as my companion and we both felt way better about me walking back from my friend’s dorm late at night!”

— Elli (Storrs, CT)

“Companion is a wonderful and extremely user friendly app! Thank you so much for all your hard work and dedication to looking out for the rest of us! You all are the real rock stars!”

— Jonathan (Columbus, OH)

“Thank you for the awesome app! My boyfriend and I feel much safer about me walking home from work. 😃”

—Rachel (Los Angeles, CA)

“Thank you for making such an awesome and useful app! I've been telling all of my friends about Companion. 😃”

—Kelsea (Concord, NC)

“Companion makes me feel a lot safer! I’m so glad that something like this exists.”

—Rebecca (Bowling Green, OH)

“Thank you for creating this app. Honestly, I feel so much safer going on walks now.”

—Tara (Oakland, CA)

“The app is great I love it. It's perfect for heading home, or walking around at school. I’m feeling a lot safer!”

—Matthieu (Paris, France)

“I'm just glad an app like this exists, it gives my mom some piece of mind when I'm headed to work.”

—Matthieu (Paris, France)

“I live in Chicago, and Companion is extremely helpful to me and all my friends as we work late hours and take public transportation or walk home. We love it, thank you so much!”

—Jill (Chicago, IL)

“I downloaded this app with my girlfriend because we both have long walks to work and we like to know each other's safe, so instead of bugging her to stay on the phone, this helps so much more!”

—Jay (London, UK)

“I got my daughters to use Companion to put my mind at ease. Thanks for putting your great ideas into fruition 😃”

—Sharon (Tel Aviv, Israel)

“I adore this app, it makes me feel very safe.”

—Alicia (Denver, CO)

“I use Companion to and from school since my school is in a sketchy area and I have evening classes. Thank you for building this, it’s been so helpful!”

—Summer (Tacoma, WA)

“This app is genius! So excited to use it when I go to college next fall.”

—Sarah (Effort, PA)

“I love this app - as a mother of a daughter at college it's incredible to be able to virtually walk her home at night. ”

—Tanya (Pinconning, MI)

“This is seriously the best app that has ever been invented. I’m studying abroad in May and can’t wait to use it there!”

—Nora (Raleigh, NC)

“I wish I had this when I was in college. ”

—Kyla (Barcelona, Spain)

“I was coming home from the Oakland airport late at night and I felt so much better know my fiancé could see where I was at in my journey, especially because certain areas were quite unsafe. Thanks again!”

—Charlene (San Francisco, CA)

“Finally an app my kids think is cool. No other app has has provided me with more piece of mind, seriously.”

—Frank (Toronto, Canada)

“I use this with my little sister when she walks alone at night, I love that it’s free too!”

—Liam (Rotterdam, Netherlands)